Abrasive waterjet cutting

The use of abrasive material mixed with water at 1000 bar permits accurate cutting of steel, concrete and other materials with reduced water pressure and consumption.

A single operator uses a hydraulically driven nozzle drive controller to perform the cutting from a safe distance. An effective means of cutting pipes in situ, the equipment can also perform horizontal and vertical cutting when using a suitably attached guide rail. Capable of cutting steel with a thickness in excess of 10mm the equipment provides a safer more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cutting methods.


The mixer controls the proportion of abrasive, typically Garnet in the water flow, whilst regulating the flow of water to give a uniform flow for most effective cutting.
The mixer is fitted with a shaker and sieve unit to ensure uniform size of abrasive, avoiding blockages in the system.


The nozzle, kept in close proximity to the surface of the material allows maximum penetration of the abrasive and water flow providing a clean cutting action. The size of the nozzle used is dependent on the type and thickness of the material plus the pressure and type of abrasive in use.


The cut has width of 1-2 mm with a taper of less than 1° and is capable of cutting steel in excess of 10 mm, concrete, brick or similar materials. The speed of cutting varies according to the final finish required and the thickness of the material. There is no “heat affected zone” during water cutting consequently no interference with the inherent structure of the material cut.


Fewer airborne dust particles, smoke, fumes, and contaminants, combined with distance from the operator reduces operator exposure to hazardous materials. Lack of heat generated allows water-cutting usage in atmospheres prohibited for traditional cutting methods.


The cutting head follows either a chain guide or specially toothed runner. The guides ensure the accuracy of the cutting regardless of the speed. Speed, adjusted easily by means of the hydraulic drive unit to ensure a smooth cut varies dependant on material type and thickness.