About Us


Lotis SA was incorporated in 2012 in the Switzerland as independent service provider and present via subsidiaries in Russia and Kazakhstan.


For many years it has been apparent that the traditional method of cleaning of oil storage tanks by the introduction of personnel into the tank to perform manual cleaning cannot continue. This inherently dangerous practice has been the cause of numerous accidents and fatalities over the years and needs to be replaced. Not only is it dangerous but it is environmentally unfriendly producing large quantities of waste product that must be disposed of by either incineration or landfill burial.

At Lotis we believe that it is possible to carry out the cleaning of oil storage tanks in a safe, environmentally friendly manner without the need for entry into the tank until the atmosphere is completely safe.


Unlike many companies who carry out cleaning of tanks as additional services for local clients, Lotis policy is to promote and further develop safe and efficient tank cleaning as our core business activity.

Utilising only the safest and most effective methods, professional fully trained personnel and modern equipment we aim to provide the client with a quality service that is both safer and more environmentally friendly than methods commonly employed by our competitors.


By incorporating thorough logistics, mobilisation and operation planning prior to any commencement of works at Lotis we believe that we can save the client significant tank down time.

Our use of tried and tested technology results in the recovery of significant quantities of hydrocarbon for resale or refining and importantly greatly reduces the quantities of waste material for final disposal.