Our company offer modern responsible approach to tank cleaning and sludge recovery – AUTOMATED NON-MAN-ENTRY TECHNOLOGY.


  • cleaning operation with no personnel inside a tank minimizes personal risks
  • inert gas atmosphere inside the tank ensures maximum fire safety
  • all operations are done only with trained and certified personnel


  • up to 98% of the product can be recovered for resale and increase customers’ income
  • reduced quantity of wastes for disposal reduces customers’ costs


  • time of cleaning reduced up to 80% if compared with traditional technology
  • shortened duration of cleaning reduces tank down time


Crude Oil Wash (C.O.W.) technology is our prime method of tank cleaning, which utilizes fresh oil as a solvent. The cleaning process is a closed loop operation carried out under inert gas blanket, with no personnel inside a tank and with no chemicals involved.


Our transportable automated Sludge Recovery System (S.R.S.) heats fresh oil and delivers it under pressure to the tank via washing machines equipped with nozzles of proprietary design. The S.R.S uses the COW technology in a closed loop operation thus preventing HC vapours emission.


  • non-man-entry technology minimizes risk to personal safety
  • operation in inert gas atmosphere eliminates risks of fire or explosion
  • up to 98% of product recovered for resale
  • reduced cost of residue disposal
  • Shortened duration of operations and thus reduced tanks down time
  • minimized HC vapours emission
  • no chemicals are used for tank cleaning
  • minimal quantity of water required if there is a water washing stage


highest quality equipment and materials are certified for safe operation.